Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Barn Quilts

The first weekend in April, my husband Rich and grandson Caleb and I, went to Lexington, KY for Rich's brother Phil's birthday.  Nice weather in KY.  Rich and Caleb played 18 holes of golf in bright blue skys and high sixties weather.

My sister-in-law Peg had picked up a brochure called "Buffalo Gals Barn Quilt Trail" and suggested we go on an adventure.  Quilt blocks were hanging from beautiful barns throughout the hilly country side.  Now in KY, most of the barns are horse barns and a lovely shade of charcoal or black.  The brochure gave a web site where we downloaded the addresses and map of the trail.  Now to be honest, we did not get to all 142 listed properties and we did see some that were not on the list.

Here are some of my favorites:

A gorgeous Ohio star done in red and black on a black barn.  Love the red border that just makes it pop.  This is an 8'x8' painted block.

Another 8'x8' block handing on the barn. 

From left to right these blocks were called winter (snowflake), spring (bird), summer (flowers) and fall (pumpkin).  Each painted block was 4'x4'.  This was one of the few white painted barns we saw.
 Each of the following are 4'x4' blocks.  They were listed as Radiant Star, Arrowhead, Rally Round and Double Wedding Ring. 
 The following three blocks were displayed on the wall of the local Pharmacy in Stamping Ground, KY.  The first is a variation on the Friendship Star block, the second is the Labyrinth block, and the third is another variation of the Friendship block.  All were 4'x4'.

Another favorite of mine.  I love the way that the American flag is portrayed in this block.  The Ohio star on blue and then the mitered stripes.  I may have to make this block soon.  This is an 8'x8' block.

This last barn has a Carpenter's wheel or Summer's block on it.  I've always liked this block and want to put it on our big red barn to honor my Builder husband and his carpenter great grandfather who built the barn and the house.  Isn't is lovely in the red, white, navy, and yellow?

Before I get comments on the names of the blocks, I shared with you the names that were listed in the brochure and on the maps.  Some of the names I would think they are different but again, I didn't name any of the blocks.  I enjoyed the view and ability to take pictures of so many.

Beautiful day and a great way to spend together looking for the hidden treasures on the barns.  I hope you can go sometime to find a barn trail/tour.  They are so much fun.


  1. I love the barn quilts. I recently found these online. They haven't made there way to my parts but I sure do love them. I don't have a farm or barn but maybe I can put one one my husbands shed if he lets me. Will have to do a lot of convincing :)

  2. What a great idea and very pretty. I think they add character to any barn or bulding. I especially like that the pharmacy participated. Fun community idea!


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