Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall has arrived!

Looking out my sewing room window, I am reminded that fall has arrived in the Midwest.  Leaves are flying in the air looking for someplace to rest.  Flower beds have died down.  Farmers are picking the corn from the fields.  The dogs have shed once again to grow their winter coats.  It's windy and about 40 degrees.  I blanched the last of the tomatoes for the chili simmering in the crock pot. 

I realize that as a quilter, it's okay to have fabric on every shelf, in every drawer and in tubs in the closet of the sewing room.  I'll have to corral them another day.  Unfinished Objects (UFO) are giving me pause at the moment. I've become a follower of Leah Day's posts at http://www.freemotionquilting.blogspot.com/p/start-here.html.  She has a weekly UFO link up that keeps in the fore front of my mind that I have things to finish that have been set aside for something else.   I have been practicing her designs on smaller pieces of quilting and need to get the courage to try one on the crib and twin size quilts I have ready. Her tutorials are awesome and I want to purchase her book, 365 Days of free motion designs, or put it on my Christmas list.

I made a list of ten (10) projects that have been dropped/stopped for some reason.  I opened each bag/box to figure out where I was in the process and what still needed to be done.  Did I ever share that I was OCD?  If not, don't be surprised when I say that I made a list of the things not done for each of the 10 projects.

I looked at my holiday giving list (yep another list) to see if any of the UFOs were on that list too.  The ones that matched moved to a higher priority in the 1-10 numbering.  The second round of prioritization required deciding if/when finished, the quilt would have to go out for long arm services.  If yes, then they moved again to the top of the list. 

Here's the list that I have and commit to working on until finished at least once per week:
  1. Finish chevron quilt and write blog (needs backing, quilting and binding)
  2. Labyrinth flannel quilt for Angela (rows need to be sewn together, quilting, backing and binding)
  3. Summer TX sampler & BOM  (finish two blocks and sew together)
  4. Quilt tree skirt for Alexis
  5. Quilt & bind twin quilt
  6. Quilt bag and add straps
  7. Finish cactus tree blocks (paper piecing)
  8. Finish binding on Christmas braid
  9. Quilt crazy quilt baby quilt
  10. Finish lone star with quilting, backing & binding.
What are you doing about your UFO's?  And yes, I could have more than 10 if I pressed myself.  I just find 10 is an easy note card placed in several spots to remind me what needs to be done.  Happy sewing, enjoy fall!

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